Welcome to the Centre of Excellence


It is my pleasure to give the favorable remarks for the outstanding performance during our participation in in the Kenya music festival. In the past years we have always been so prestigious and we are looking forward to move to greater heights by taking part in the East African competitions


The big boys in our club have kept our wheels moving and contributed so highly. We have won many trophies in the national including our 2019 participation. We ere lucky enough to merge among the top in every genre we presented.


We could not have made it far without the management of MR. Felix Olum (Pedeshee) and MR. Odeny and not forget, the full support, the full support from the Administration.


Members (Management):

Joe Osumba (Bullet)

Augustine Loyd (Nyang’au)

Alvis Otieno

BY: Alvis Otieno

- Chair person



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