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It is by grace of god that we as a group we have reached this far. An encouragement for us is to take care of the environment. Let us be responsible always and keep our country clean. Plant trees and take care of them. Love the nature of God also loves you. Remember even God loves a clean environment thus why He planted the Garden of Eden. Let us take care of God’s creation and that’s the key to a clean environment.


Group Chairman Wildlife Club

Omondi Levis Otieno -3Yellow.



Wildlife club was started in Agoro Sare High School with the aim of keeping animals and transforming its environment by planting trees. We have had recent visits from great leaders in this nation who have been part of the exercise that is Ida Odinga,Cyprian  Awiti and Gladys Wangi.

We have a fish pond within the school farm premises that has been a great supply of fish for the school. Annually, members of the club raise capital that is used to increase the number of rabbits and thee rest to the reared animals.


Ø  Start a poultry farm

Ø  Increase the number of dairy cows in the farm


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