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The purpose of school counselling program is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities in a proactive, preventive manner ensuring all students can achieve school success through academic, career and social development experiences.


The following are some of the benefits that students get from guidance and counselling programs:

¨ The learners are given proper guidance on how to deal with psychosocial challenges which badly affect their normal functioning and this can badly impact their studies.

¨ Helps in shaping the student’s behaviour and helps in instilling discipline in them.

¨ Talks related to drugs, alcohol, personal feelings, sexuality among others are discussed openly.

¨ Helps bridge the gap that may exist between students  and their parents.


To achieve this, there is need for parents to work closely with the teachers by offering proper guidance to their sons and volunteering information that would help in mapping the behavioural changes noted in the student. Parents can by:

Þ Counselling their children while at home and if not done it brings a lot of burden to the Teachers since they will have to guide those students in all areas.

Þ Being good role models as this may make their children emulate them and take the moral behaviours to school, the converse may cause a threat to the guidance and counselling department and the whole school at large.

Þ Cautioning their children whenever they do any mistake. These children become burden to the school since they cannot be corrected by the teachers and even the guidance and counselling department can’t handle them.

Þ Parents should always talk positively about teachers and the school in the presence of their children. When parents do this they instil in students positive attitude hence when they go to school they will respect the teachers and the school.


We therefore urge parents to do their role in providing the basic needs to their sons and offer guidance to them appropriately, so that they achieve the desired result.





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