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Rugby is a game of the chosen few. It is all about playing with an odd shaped ball about 700grams in weight , a game that involve bumping off to someone to make a try, to tackle to defend, scrams and conversions to win.

In addition to that, an electrifying lake that scares the opponents out of their wits. Rugby encouraged hard work and commitment in everyone one does. An instance is in the last year’s national examination, all the rugby players made it to the university with grade B- and above, our captain leading by an example. Due to the pandemic we had not had an opportunity to get back to the pitch. All the same, our opponents beware we are coming for you since we have been training. Above all God fist-Philippians 4:13 as our slogan states. For our enemies, alter the pandemic we shall be back to scoop all the titles: SHERIA MKONONI KESI BAADAYE!!




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