The Departments

1. Mathematics Department

This far the Lord has brought us: Thanks and praises be unto Him. The 2016 F4 Group did a lot in mathematics to attain the mean of 8.955 in KCSE, placing the school best in Homa Bay county and the third best in Greater Nyanza and western region. This was as a result of continuous consultations and the urge to know more in mathematics on their own. The group would initiate their own programmes of discussions and accept to be each others keeper in mathematics. This paid off. Congratulations to the 2016 form 4 boys.

The department has sixteen teachers who have seen the mean in mathematics evolve into greater heights and now ready to double the 76 A plains of last year to triple digits this year. These great teachers of the department include:

Ologi Joshua

Nyamolo Gerson

There was a positive deviation of 2.16 from the mean of 2015 class. As department we were position one in terms of department analysis. We believe we are going to maintain the standards of our performance and continue with the best results. This is going to be achieved through team work and unity amongst the members of the department, administration and students. The department consists of the following:

Ms. Leah Otieno - H.O.D

Mr. Steve Ouma

Mr. Fredrick Akuku

Ms. Mary Lumumba

Mr. Peter Paiyinetto

Mr. Dan Warinda

May the Almighty God bless Agoro Sare high school.

Ouma Stephen H.O.D History

Okumu Steve

Obare Geoffrey

Okuthe Nicholas

Ogweno Caroline

Omollo Lameck

Asoro Maurice

Lego Wilson

Okoth Charles

Mokaya Christine

Akuku Fredrick

Awack Erick

Teddy Omenda

Victor Ayieko

Moses Odipo

The peace and focus that the department enjoys has also been brought about by the cordial and conducive environment created by the school administration. This unique office is always ready to see the department grow into admirable status delivery and achievement. Thanks to the principal Mr. Maurice Adera Ogutu who was constantly available for the department in corrections and wise pieces of advice.

The new principal Mr.James Momanyi has further indicated that climbing further in mathematics is possible. The focus the principal already has for the department for sure is rightfully putting us in the path of attaining the mean of 10.162 B+ which is the target for 2017. To Agoro Sare High boys, attaining A plain of 80marks and above is very possible. Just be humble, focused, hardworking, and consultative and maintain an academic integrity.

Ologi Joshua H.O.D Mathematics

2. Languages Department

Idara ya Kiswahili

Kwa niaba ya mkuu wa somo ningependa kusema machache kuhusu somo la Kiswahili ambalo limekuwa ni uti wa mgongo katika matokeo ya jumla ya shule yetu. Kwa muda sasa somo hili limepata kuungwa mkono na jamii yote ya Agoro Sare kuanzia kwa mkuu wa shule hadi mwanafunzi.

Wakereketwa wa somo hili ni:

Bwana Adika (mkuu wa somo)

Bw. Ochieng B.

Bw. Opana M.

Bw. Nyamwanda J.

Bi. Emelda O.

Bi. Winnie O.

Bw. Ologi W.

Bw. Okwany B.C.

Bw. Oduor K.

Bw. Migige E.

Bi. Were

Idara hii imekuwa na historia ya kuwa na matokea mazuri kwa muda sasa. Hii imesababishwa na mambo mengine ikiwemo mipangilio mbalimbali kama kifungua kinywa, fasihi motomoto, insha maridadi na vigogo watarajiwa. Aidha, idara imekuwa na ushirikiano wa kupigiwa mfano shuleni kote.

Kuzungumzia mtihani wa kitaifa wa 2016, vijana wetu waliweza kufanya vizuri na kupata alama ya 9.0113 ambayo ilikuwa bora mkoani Nyanza na hata kuwa miongoni mwa shule bora zaidi nchini Kenya. Wanafunzi waliweza kupata matokeo yafuatayo:

A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- E
6 22 66 88 52 25 6 0 1 0 0 0

Wanafunzi wa mwaka huu, 2017, wanatia bidii kuboresha matokeo haya. Hivyo wanaazimia kupata wastani wa 10.5. Natimiza kwa kumshukuru maulana kwa kutuwezesha kufika tuliko sasa.Pia kuwatakia kila la heri idara yote na wanafunzi wote.

Nyamwanda Jacktone,

Kwa niaba ya mkuu wa somo.

3. Science Department

The science department is vibrant and there is always a beehive of activities. The three sciences; Biology, Physics and Chemistry have posted excellent results over the recent years. I give glory to God for what he has done through the department to change the lives of these young men.

I wish to appreciate the school administration for the support in providing chemicals, materials and all the apparatus we need from time to time. Our six laboratories are now operational because of the unwavering support of the administration. I would also want to appreciate the subject heads for their efficient co-ordination of the activities. These are:

Teacher Subject
1. Mr. Nicholas Physics
2. Walter Jairo Chemistry
3. Beatrice Obonyo Biology

The department is where it is because of your selfless dedication in playing your roles as subject heads, feel highly appreciated. I would not forget to sound my heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers in the entire science department. Let us continue with the team spirit. It would be incomplete if I did not mention our hardworking technical team; Robert Otiende, George Obungu and Elly Banda. Gentlemen your labour is worth applauding.

Finally, I wish to appreciate our dedicated clients, the students of our great school Agoro Sare without you, all our planning and effort would be in vain. We the teachers would otherwise be like a farmer armed with all the farm tools but no shamba to cultivate. Your continued interest in the science subject will surely bear fruit in your future careers. To our students kindly make good use of the facilities God has given to us so that the future generation will also benefit from the same.

Last but not least, I wish to that all our colleagues, non-teaching staff and B.O.M and P.T.A whose support has brought us to where we are. To God be the glory. Long live Agoro. Long live the science department.

Mrs. Ombura M.A., H.O.D- Sciences

4. Technical Department

The technical and applied department comprises of the following subjects:-

a) Business Studies

b) Agriculture

c) Computer studies

c) French

The respective heads of subjects and mean scores in 2016 KCSE are as shown below:

Subject H.O.S Mean Score
Business studies Ms Emily Owande 8.148
Agriculture Mr. Nyawiri Victor 7.918
Computer studies Mr. Kagot Martin 9.947
French Ms. Judith Otieno 11.143

The total number of teachers in the department currently stands at sixteen. As Head of Department I want to reaffirm my confidence in the team that makes the technical department tick. Their contribution to making the department what it is today is immense and cannot be over emphasized.

Our biggest challenge today is the big number of students that want to pursue computer studies. We are looking forward to expanding, the space and facilities to accommodate them. We appreciate the former principal Mr.Ogutu Maurice for the far we have come; he was instrumental in the performance of the department by providing teaching/learning resources and timely advice. He was simply available.

Equally befitting, we recognize the effort and support of the new principal- Mr. Momanyi James even as we extend a very warm welcome to him. To colleagues from other departments who have played a complimentary role in our achievements, you are wonderful. To students of Agoro Sare it is ALUTA CONTINUA.

God bless technical or applied department; God bless Agoro.

Owande E. A. H.O.D

5. Humanities Department

Let me take this opportunity to greet you all in the name of the almighty God. This department is committed to helping learners achieve their full potential. We have embraced team work where we all pull together to ensure that the department runs smoothly. This is a very vibrant department in the school that has been posting excellent results at KCSE level. Last year (2016) it posted a mean of 11.4 making the school to be the third best in the county in History and Government.

We have a team of very dedicated teachers who are always ready to work for the betterment of the department.

The History and Government department has 13 teachers namely:

Teacher Position
Mr. Steve Ouma H.O.D History
Mr. James Momanyi The Principal
Mr. George Rado  
Mr. Leo Yongo  
Mrs. Emilly Owande  
Mr. Jacktone Nyamwanda  
Mr. Benson Ochieng  
Mrs. Leah Otieno  
Mr. Elisha Onyango  
Mr. Dan Warinda  
Mr. Julius Apando  
Mr.Edward Magige  

The subject posted a mean score of 11.4 in the KCSE 2016 results. I therefore, take this opportunity to congratulate the teachers who worked tirelessly to realize this outstanding performance. Congratulations to the last years candidates for their sterling performance. The department has a number of programs including yearly symposiums.

As we sail through the year, I wish every one of us a good health and Gods Guidance. I encourage all the members to put more effort to get to 2017 target of 11.50

Ouma Stephen, H.O.D History

6. Geography Department

The department of geography is one of the youngest in Agoro Sare High School having been created from the mother department of humanities to focus on bringing services closer to the students. The department has:

Mr.George Rado - H.O.D

Mr.Elisha Onyango

Mr.Julius Apando

Mr.Peter Paiyineetto

Ms Mary Lumumba

The department has registered a lot of stability and reliability in the upward trend in mean score in the last years as follows:

Year KCSE Mean Score
2016 9.4
2015 9.1
2014 9

May God bless you all with journey mercies home dear parents.

Mr. Rado George Aoko, Geography

7. C.R.E Department

It has taken Gods grace to take us through 2016 up to where we are right now. As a department we feel very grateful to have performed well in the year 2016 KCSE where we attained the mean of 11.56. I am proud of the 2016 students who managed to score quality grades as follows:

KCSE Grades Scores
A 48
A- 14
B+ 16
B 1

There was a positive deviation of 2.16 from the mean of 2015 class. As department we were position one in terms of department analysis. We believe we are going to maintain the standards of our performance and continue with the best results. This is going to be achieved through team work and unity amongst the members of the department, administration and students. The department consists of the following:.

Ms. Leah Otieno - H.O.D

Mr. Steve Ouma

Mr. Fredrick Akuku

Ms. Mary Lumumba

Mr. Peter Paiyinetto

Mr. Dan Warinda

May God bless the department. May God bless Agoro Sare High School.

Leah O., H.O.D Christian Religious Education