From the Principal Desk


We have the pleasure to brief you as follows:
1 The boys reported back to school. From the onset, may I assure you that they are all safe and in good health.
2 We administered an entry examination to establish the level of learning loss in the candidates. The results will be released next week.
3 We also administered a tool to assess the learners re-entry behaviour. We found out that there are isolated issues that have an impact on the boys. These issues stem from home environment. In view of that, a seasoned counsellor was engaged to help the boys. The boys are very positive and focused.
4 We have had several psychosocial support sessions with the boys. Through these, We have attained a level of stability and learning is now in steady progress.
5 All our academic programmes have been reloaded and we are on course towards the realisation of our target of mean acore 10.134.
6 The adoption programme for the candidates will be rolled out in due course.
7 We have also enforced the health and safety protocols to the letter, however, social distancing has been quite a challenge to the boys. Even so we are constantly ensuring that they keep the distance in their classes and in the houses.
8 It is important to let you know that on 21/10/2020, we held a Special PA meeting for Forms 4 parents representatives. Before the meeting began, they toured the school and expressed satisfaction at the health and safety measures put in place.
9 In that meeting, the representatives were taken through the academic report detailing the programmes lined up for the candidates.
10 Dear stakeholders, the representatives noted with concern that fee payment for term 2 stands averagely at only 20% across all the streams. Therefore, we experience a great deal of challenge. The outstanding fee arrears for terms 1 and 2 remain an impediment to our operations. The academic programmes lined up for your sons cannot commence fully due to the 80% unpaid fee.
11 As such, it was resolved that by 15/11/2020, you should fulfil your fee payment obligation for us to execute our plans for the success of your son. The PA representatives will engage you in this regard, please accord them your full cooperation.
12 Once again, I reiterate our commitment to ensuring that the boys are safe and compliant to the protocols.
13 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We shall keep you updated from time to time.