From the Principal Desk




Dear Fellow Stakeholders,
A) Preliminaries
1 On the 1st of September, I gave you briefs on our status as a school even as the pandemic ravaged on.
2 It is my delight once more to share with you at a time when schools re-opening date has been announced.
B) Reporting Back to School
3 In this regard, I wish to declare that our school has made significant progress towards compliance to health and safety protocols as given by the MoE and MoH. Thus far, we are ready to receive the candidate class.
4 The MoE school calendar indicates that we are reopening for term two. Fee payment for this term and clearing of any outstanding arrears are in the obligation of the parents.
5 Please note that our candidate class is expected to report back to school on Tuesday 13th October, 2020 by 4: 00 pm.
Preferably, our reporting is phased out in the following manner:
Forms 4B, G, Y and W: from 8:00 am - 12:00 noon
Forms 4R, P, M and V: from 1:00 - 4:00 pm
6 Our school governors (prefects) are, however, expected to report on Monday 12th October, 2020. There will be an important meeting with them. Parents are requested to release them for the same.
C) Health and Safety Protocols
7 It is important to note that we have constituted an institutional Covid-19 Response team which is representative of all the stakeholders. This team will address any emerging challenges.
8 Adherence to health and safety protocols will be checked at the point of entry. The process will be elaborate. Therefore, ensure your son arrives in time.
9 It is advisable to ensure that you acquire enough surgical masks that will serve your son up to the end of the term. Re-usable masks should be free from any graphics and, preferably, grey in colour.
10 Parents who would like to accompany their sons back to school will be allowed to hand them over to the school at the gate. This is meant to curb congestion that may occur in the school compound. Kindly note this upfront.
11 We are very grateful to all our teachers who have already reported back to school, and are in final stages of preparation for a smooth reopening.
12 Further, please, be informed that the board deemed it imperative to reorganise the boarding office administrative structure. This was necessary for us to be effectively responsive to the implementation of the new normal health and safety protocols. The boarding office has been reorganised into three departments namely: a) Catering and Dining, b)Accommodation and Sanitation. and c)Students Welfare and Safety.
13 This move will not only enhance monitoring but it will also improve service delivery to our students, staff and parents
14 I am particularly impressed at the advances that we have made.Once again, I affirm our commitment to provide safety.
15 As such, allow me request you, fellow parents, to team up with us to ensure that each student under your care is duly sensitised and adequately briefed on the health and safety protocols before reporting back to school. Consider, for instance, the following as key: face mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing.
16 It is worthy to note that the new normal safety and health guidelines clearly forbids learners from sharing personal effects(rulers, pens, clothes, food, facemasks, bedding,slippers, towels, utensils etc). It is in order that you acquire a new plastic basin for your son. It may also be inevitable to acquire a new pair of uniform for him in case he has outgrown the old one.
17 Further, sharing of learning materials will be discouraged at all times.
D) Security of Other Students Belonging
18 Parents of Forms 1, 2 and 3 whose sons are residents of Momanyi, Maangi and Owango dormitories are advised to pick their sons personal belonging from school. This should be done from Friday 9th to Monday 12th during working hours. The intention here is to ensure safety of the belonging. It has come to our notice that some learners did not secure their boxes when school closed.
E) Our Commitment
19 Meanwhile, I affirm our commitment to producing learners who are healthy and academically relevant. So Breaking the Limits we must and our target mean score of 10.134 in KCSE 2021 is still alive and realistic.
20 In this vein, I wish to declare that we shall administer an assesment to measure the impact of Covid-19 on the academic domain of our candidates. We shall also administer a tool at the point of entry to establish the impact of the pandemic on the candidates social and behavioural state. Dear Parent, the findings from these surveys will be instrumental to us in determining where to begin from and how to proceed. Please, brief your son accordingly.
21 Our departmental programmes have been on course and without deterrence whatsoever. I hope you have been accessing the assignments daily and given them to your son to do. This is what will make a difference in our result.
22 To our candidates: be sure that our journey to your dream career is still on for real. The pandemic will not last forever. We enlist your cooperation in the battle against the disease. The situation is going to get better as we soldier on. Rest assured, we shall attain our targets. Note that KCSE examination will begin on 25th March, 2021.
23 Discipline and personal responsibility are the important ingredients to success. Each candidate has to keep to the standards. Every parent/guardian has to emphasise these to his/her son.
24 Please, parents ensure you take good care of our boys until you bring them back in the right set of mind. Give them hope for they need it more than ever before. More importantly, present them in prayers before God.
25 God bless Agoro Sare High School.
James Momanyi (Mr.)